Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A "Gaucho Cruiser" !

Dateline: Dec. 2, 2008

Per the UCSB Alumni Assn. eNews Online Newsletter:

*** Woo Hoo ! *** A Gaucho Cruiser !

The Collegiate Bicycle Company is proud to present the UCSB Gaucho cruisers! These officially licensed bikes are available in men's and women's frames and make a great holiday gift for alumni, students, family and friends. Enter promo code GAUCHOS at www.collegebikes.com to receive $50 off your purchase and qualify for free shipping until January 1st. Ride Your Pride and Go Gauchos!

(x-ref: http://www.collegebikes.com/UCSB_Mens_Cruiser_p/101-01-06.htm)

Please forward to other Gauchos !

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nayalator said...

Dear Will-

This is Naya one of Gregg Wilson's assistants. We are up in the Seattle area competing at the Husky Invitational Meet. Today was the first day and we had many fast swims. I saw your blog and wanted to tell you that I've seen this bike on State St., and it's a must have. However, the logo is an old one, and we are probably getting a new one soon as we have a new AD. Our logo right now only says "UCSB" instead of "Gauchos." I also post videos and pictures online as much as I can (it's not as good as yours though.), so please visit the website when you have a chance.
Go Gauchos!!