Friday, October 31, 2008

Gaucho Greats: The Training Table


During swim season, we all know that we can pretty much eat anything, anywhere, anytime. I can still remember the two a days during Hell Week Dec '76 - Jan'77. One day after morning practice we all gathered at our Co-Captain's apartment on SABADO TARDE... woo hoo !!! Our host, Uncle Weeb, aka The Doctor, aka Robert Webster, our Captain our Leader.

Weeb ordered pizzas and soda for the whole team. And there across the room shoveling pizzas in like a 747 landing at LAX, was our beloved Freshman phenom, John "Spanky" Dobrott. After a couple of slices were polished off, there was some tomato, cheese and pepperoni that caught on said aforesaid freshman's stubble. Our Captain, God Bless Him, then spoke up and said "Spank, (while motioning with his right hand with a napkin to his own face) Swab The Decks, buddy !" I remember looking up from my own reverie in the slice I was consuming and saw the spillage and started laughing. Our young stud freshman swimmer looked up, shrugged, wiped around his mouth with a paper towel and went back to his mission at hand. Classic !

So in honor of both of these beloved Gaucho Greats, here is a PIZZA which ranks as probably Gaucho Training Table Entree No. 01 !

And for Dessert, I recommend Carrot Cake:

Remember, Gaucho Greats, this sample Training Table menu is for the Gaucho Great Swimmer who is working out and putting in the yards. This is not a civilian menu !


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